Another One of Your Fave Disney Channel Stars Just Publicly Came Out

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First, Miley Cyrus admitted to the world that she doesn’t “relate to what people would say defines a girl or a boy.” Then, months later, Rowan Blanchard spoke out about her sexuality saying she identifies “as queer.” Now, these brave Disney Channel stars’ openness has inspired another one of the network’s success stories to also open up about her own sexuality.

After a fan tweeted screenshots of Bella Thorne kissing one of her female friends (which the star re-tweeted) and asked when the pair would “officially date,” someone else questioned the 18-year-old’s sexual orientation. “Are you bisexual,” some asked her directly. “Yes,” she replied, not adding any further explanation.

While the news of Bella’s bisexuality may have initially shocked her fans, they immediately swarmed to show her support and love.

It’s so nice to see that the redhead seems SUPER comfortable and happy with herself right now, especially after dealing with her heartbreaking split from Gregg Sulkin just last week.


These other Disney Channel actresses are also open to dating both men AND women: