Bella Thorne Shows Off Prominent Baby Bump in Her Instagram Story

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One of Bella Thorne‘s favorite pastimes is trolling people on the Internet. Between starring in steamy music videos for the #views and wearing outfits made out of legit porn, she basically goes out of her way to get people talking. As for her latest stunt? The 20-year-old actress caused fans to lost their sh*t by showing off a fairly large baby bump on Instagram yesterday.

The Famous in Love star, who’s currently dating musician Mod Sun, is obviously not really pregnant, but still rocked the heck out of the fake bump and maternity dress and gave absolutely no explanation.

Bella was filming her Freeform show, so perhaps she ~switched up her look~ to get into character for some upcoming episodes.

But while most people were quite aware that BT’s prominent “pregnancy belly” wasn’t there just the day before, others were shocked and confused and actually questioned if she was seriously expecting a child.

Mod Sun recently expressed his love for the former Disney Channel star in an adorable Instagram post.

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He captioned the picture, “This girl has single-handedly changed my life + made me so much better of a man. I have never ever been this happy….I’ve always dreamed of feeling love like this + I’m savoring every moment of it. Thank u Bella bb I was a lil lost when we found each other + I will treasure the conversations we’ve had forever. This life, the next, + the one after that mama.”

Bella responded with her own sweet post about he loves her despite her ~flaws~.

You never know what could happen in the future…