Bella Thorne Movie Released via The Weinstein Company & Made No Money

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Bella Thorne is one of the busiest women in Hollywood. Like, look at all her projects that are in the works! According to IMDb, the 20-year-old already has four movies on her schedule for 2018 — and we’ve still got two months left of 2017!

Unfortunately, not all of her productions turn out to be successes; her most recent being the absolute worst of ’em all…

bella thorne amityville

The Weinstein Company

According to Box Office Mojo, the redheaded beauty’s new movie, Amityville: The Awakening, debuted this weekend to a dismal $742. SEVEN-HUNDRED-AND-FORTY-TWO DOLLARS.

Bella tweeted about the film over the weekend, saying, “Amityville is in theaters this weekend go look for it!!!” But it didn’t exactly push fans to head out to see it, considering it got more Likes than money.

She promoted her horror flick, Keep Watching, too, but that’s a one-day-only type of thing.

A few contributing factors to consider, though: 1. The film was a product of The Weinstein Company; the company’s first release since the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke. VERY FEW are supporting that man, right now. 2. The movie was set to be released in 2015, so now it’s, like… old news. 3. There was barely any marketing put into the film; Bella’s basically the only one who even mentioned it. 4. It was only released in ten locations across the country. 5. When it did hit theaters, it was two weeks after it began streaming on Google Play… for free. So the real question should be: WHO WOULD PAY TO SEE IT??

Thankfully, BT’s got a whole bunch of projects to look forward to, including a second season of Famous in Love — so get excited!