Bella Hadid Skinny-Shamed Hardcore After Sudden Weight Loss

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While some celebrities ignore people’s comments of extreme weight loss, Bella Hadid acknowledges that her body has changed since she first stepped into the modeling world. The 20-year-old told People magazine, “I really didn’t mean to [lose weight]. Like, I want boobs. I want my ass back. But it’s not my fault. My weight fluctuates and so does everybody’s and I think that if people are gonna judge, that’s the worst you can possibly do because everybody is different. I worked out so hard and everybody is like, ‘Oh, she looks so skinny blah, blah, blah.'”

When the brunette announced that she recently booked a modeling deal with Nike, many people tried to crush her excitement and shame the athletic’s brand decision use someone who’s “too thin” as the face of their campaign.

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Although many people slammed Nike for stepping away from having athletes at the front of their campaign, the 20-year-old actually is super athletic. Bella has been riding horses for years and actually had plans to compete at the 2016 Olympic Games until her Lyme disease worsened and left her unable to ride.

“Bella had to give up her lifelong dream of having a professional riding career and a shot at the Olympics due to her severe symptoms and inability to ride,” her mother Yolanda Foster revealed. “This was the biggest heartbreak of her life and an extremely sensitive subject for her. She is resilient and focused on a new direction — she’s made a name for herself in the modeling industry while she struggles with symptoms of chronic Lyme every day.”

Everyone’s bodies are different and no one, not even celebs who choose to put themselves in the public eye, deserves to be scrutinized for their figure.

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