12 Times Bella Hadid Took a Fashion Risk and Bared It All

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Bella Hadid turns the idea of wardrobe malfunctions completely on its head. Since she was signed to IMG Models in 2014 and began her modeling career, the 21-year-old has gotten comfortable baring her bod in all kinds of revealing outfits, whether it’s in an editorial shoot, on a runway, or on the red carpet. She’s strutted her stuff in completely sheer designer ‘fits and even gone topless in Paper magazine, so what’s the big deal? Considering how much her career has skyrocketed and how many people are paying attention, it’s no wonder Bella DGAF.

She’s not the only one. All of the models in her girl gang are confident enough to take fashion risks we can barely believe. We’re talking slits up to here, head-to-toe sheer, and no bras — like, ever. Kendall Jenner has freed the nipple enough times in public for all of us to know that she’s got a piercing there. Bella’s big sis Gigi Hadid didn’t even bat an eyelash when her boob fell out of her top at a Versace catwalk in 2016. She just kept right on going. And Hailey Baldwin gives about just as many effs as all of them combined — which is approximately zero.

So rounding up all the times that the youngest Hadid sis has suffered a nip slip or flashed her fans is easier than naming everyone in the KarJenner fam. No lie! Bella is constantly wearing outfits that push the envelope, which means no one is shocked when she reveals a little — or a lot — more than she meant to. (Although most of the time, she does mean to). At this point, it seems like the girl has just given up on keeping all five feet and nine inches of herself covered up. See for yourself!