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Bella Hadid & The Weeknd ~Confirm~ They’re Back on with Paris Vacay

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Bella Hadid and The Weeknd can run to Paris, but they can’t hide their relationship status…

After over a year of dating, Bella and The Weeknd called it quits in 2016, just a few months before The Weeknd went public with his relationship with Selena Gomez. Now, less than two years since their initial split, Bella and TW (real name Abel Tesfaye) appear to be totally back together, according to some cold, hard photographic evidence… and some savvy Internet sleuths, of course.

Obviously, you can’t hide a relationship when there are photos of said relationship all over the web, and the 21-year-old supermodel and the 28-year-old musician have clearly figured that out because they were definitely not hiding while vacationing in Paris together just last week. The two were spotted enjoying each other’s company during a romantic dinner, and Bella was all smiles in the sweet pic.

E! News reports, “They sat outside and had a long conversation. He was showing her things on his phone. She was totally at ease, kicking back with a glass of rosé and a cigarette. They left with their arms wrapped around each other laughing and enjoying the evening. He stopped on a street corner to buy her roses, which he carried around the city. Then they walked to Sardegna a Tavola for a romantic dinner. They sat outside again and enjoyed each other’s company. They were giggling and seemed so happy together. They had a car pick them up at the end of the night and take them back to their apartment hotel.”

If that’s not enough to convince you that Bella and Abel are back together, the pair also low-key made things Instagram official… kinda. The Weeknd posted a photo on his Instagram Stories of a woman’s hand holding up a sugar packet with the words “Sugar Daddy” written on it. It took fans no time at all to prove that the hands in the pic belong to Bella, thanks to a few sleuths pointing out how the nails in The Weeknd’s post are identical to Bella’s current manicure.

It might be early days, but it seems like Bella and The Weeknd are getting ready go public once again with their on-again relationship, and we are so here for it!