Bella Hadid Calls Police After Finding Online Stalker Outside Her Home

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Bella Hadid‘s security team was forced to call the police after discovering that her stalker posted a photo online… of the outside of her apartment!

It’s no question Bells had quite a frightening night last night upon learning that her 37-year-old stalker had been lurking just outside of her New York City apartment building. Authorities believe the man to be the same person who’s been harassing her online since October by sending her threatening messages, so you can imagine how freaked out she must have been upon discovering that he had posted a photo of the outside of her home… while she was still inside! Yeah, we’ve seen way too many scary movies to not also partake in a minor freakout for the 21-year-old supermodel.

Thankfully, her security team proceeded to call the police after tracking him as he was leaving the premises. According to TMZ, the man was then caught by police about a mile north of Bella’s apartment.

The man, identified as Brian Perez, was arrested last night after Bella explained to the police that he had been leaving her several threatening messages through social media. He was charged with aggravated harassment and stalking and, according to the last update, the stalker currently remains in custody as of last night. Talk about a thrilling Thursday evening.

Seriously, can you imagine chillin’ inside your house scrolling through Instagram, only to find a live photo of the outside of your apartment that someone had just taken? We’re getting goosebumps just thinking about it, but so glad that Bella is safe and sound!