Fans Think Bella Hadid Shaded Zayn Malik After His Breakup with Gigi

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Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik‘s recent breakup may not have been as amicable as we thought — at least, that’s what Bella Hadid‘s Instagram is hinting.

Fans are pretty sure that Bella threw a cryptic dagger Zayn’s way, in the form of an Instagram pic and caption. Last week, Bella shared a simple shot on the app, posing in a white tee with patchwork flare bottoms. The post was made right around the time Gigi and Zayn announced their split, so the slight side-eye Bella is giving in it, combined with the slightly suspicious caption, has fans thinking she’s throwing some very subtle shade at Zayn:

I'll be Right here

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As you can see, Bella captioned the post with the words, “I’ll be Right here,” which many fans were quick to point out are eerily similar to lyrics in Zayn’s recent single with Sia, “Dusk ’til Dawn,” in which Zayn sings, “I’ll hold you when things go wrong // I’ll be with you from dusk till dawn // Baby I’m right here.”

While Bella’s caption and the lyrics aren’t exactly the same, they ARE close enough to cause speculation, which leaves us with two questions: Is Bella calling Zayn out for not being there for Gigi? OR is Bella saying she’s there for Gigi? (Of course, the other possibility is that fans are totally reaching with this one.)

This isn’t the first indication that the split between Gigi and Zayn wasn’t as amicable as they lead fans to believe. Things got messy when Zayn unfollowed Gigi and her entire family on Instagram, and Bella returned the favor by unfollowing Zayn back. So, whether Bella’s cryptic shade was intentional or not, things are not looking good for the Hadid family and Zayn at the moment.