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Bella Hadid Flips Out at Own Security After Shoving a Female Photographer

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Bella Hadid rushes to the defense of a female photographer after she was shoved by Bella’s bodyguard during New York Fashion Week, and her act of heroism is NOT going unnoticed — after all, girls gotta have each other’s backs!

The Hadid sisters may be the last women you want to cross when it comes to roughing up other women — lest we not forget just last year, when Bella’s fellow supermodel sister, Gigi Hadid, was manhandled leaving a Milan fashion show, to which she ended up elbowing the guy in the face. #SorryNotSorry

However, coming to the defense not only goes for just themselves, but for all other women as well. This season’s Fashion Week turned out to be quite an eventful one, as they all seem to be, when Bella was leaving the Michael Kors show and found herself in a bit of a scuffle. While her team of security members was doing their part in making sure she was at arm’s distance from the paps, one security guard took things a little too far and got handsy with a female photographer, to which Bella stepped in and gave him a piece of her mind.

TMZ captured the footage of the 20-year-old brunette rushing to the aid of the photog who was aggressively shoved, proving that not all heroines wear capes. The confrontation between Bella and the security guard started when she witnessed him put his hands on the photographer about to shove her to the side, when Bella politely asked, “Can you please not touch her?” It was then evident that the security guard becomes slightly defensive as he began shaking his head, causing Bella to reiterate yet again, “Do not touch her.” She then checked in on the photographer asking, “Are you okay?” and carried on.

Security’s hired to ensure the physical safety of celebrities, but that does not give anyone permission to manhandle a woman — even if she is a paparazzo! And if you see someone being aggressive toward another female, speak up! Seeing that Bella felt the need to confront her security guard caused what could’ve resulted in assault or further harm to be completely avoided.

Major kudos to you, Bells!