Bella Hadid Denies Rumors That She Kissed Ex The Weeknd at Coachella

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You know what they say — what happens at Coachella stays at Coachella. Alright, no one actually says that, ’cause it’s in no way, shape or form true. Bella Hadid and The Weeknd know this all too well, as they were allegedly seen kissing at an after party during Weekend 1 of the music fest.

After the news of the reported PDA broke, sources explained that the model and musician have been ~talking~, on and off, for the past couple months.

“Bella never really lost feeling for Abel and had hope they would eventually get back together,” E! Online claims about the exes. “They are just getting back to a good place. She loves hanging out with Abel and they always have fun together and is very hopeful of their future relationship.”

But, according to the 21-year-old model herself, the reports of a post-breakup smooch-session are totally incorrect.

Bella denied the rumors by writing “it wasn’t me” in the comments section of an Instagram post that reported on the kiss. She also included the detective emoji and the shrug emoji, which basically confirm that someone got the information wrong at some point.

Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, A.K.A. The Weeknd, WAS photographed getting cozy with Justin Bieber‘s ex, Chantel Jeffries, before the rumors of a Abella reunion surfaced, so perhaps the original eyewitness got a little bit confused.

Bella and Chantel do look slightly similar, especially when they’re being looked at in a dark, crowded party. The supermodel says she was not the one the “Call Out My Name” crooner was smooching, so we have to assume it was just one big misunderstanding. AWKWARD!