All the Men Bella Hadid Has Been Linked to… Like, Ever

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Bella Hadid is used to making headlines, but lately, it hasn’t been for her super successful modeling career — instead, it’s because of her love life, or, should we say, rumored love life.

While the Victoria’s Secret model is usually relatively private about her personal life, there are a few things that literally everybody knows. For example: People are all aware that she’s Gigi Hadid‘s sister. Her former relationship with singer The Weeknd was also extremely famous, and the high-profile couple’s dating history was the definition of public knowledge. Thanks to the glorious and all-powerful worldwide web, you can literally look up timelines that include exact dates of the couple’s date nights, fights, relationship ~breaks~ and public appearances together. Seems a bit creepy, don’t you think?

To be honest, it was pretty hard to find a solid, definitive list of all the guys the 20-year-old has been linked to romantically over the years; you’d honestly be shocked at how many ~rumors~ are floating around out there about the supermodel. We had to do some pretty major digging to figure out which ones actually have some validity and aren’t just total examples of tabloid BS. But, luckily, we’re really, really persistent, so we came up with a short, yet juicy list of all the guys the brunette beauty has been linked to in the past.

Check out the slideshow below to find out which hotties (both of whom are famous and not) found their way into Bella’s heart…or, at least we think they did.