Are All Beliebers Created Equal?

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Justin Bieber

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There’s a little bit of dramz in the Bieber world as of late. If you didn’t already know by now haven’t been on Twitter in the last 24 hours, Justin allowed one very lucky fan club to listen to a few tracks off his upcoming Christmas album. And Beliebers everywhere are really, reallyupset about it. Not only do they feel left out, they’re also going after the girl who listened to the album (and got FOUR RT’s from Justin himself). Not even lying, we’re kinda jeal too.

Do they have a point? Get ready to read 10 Hysterical Belieber Tweets and decide for yourself.

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Maybe it’s an early Christmas present from Justin?

Yeah, we kinda wanna hear the new songs, too!


Justin: You’ve got some ‘splaining to do!

In other JB news, #BecauseOfJustinBieber was trending worldwide on Twitter today, and we just had to pick out a few of these #BecauseTheyreFunny. Enjoy.

What did you think about the angry tweets from Bieber fans? More importantly, are you upset that Justin singled one fan street team out to hear exclusive tracks? Will you pick up his Christmas album when it hits stores? Sound off now!