10 Fun TV and Movie Sets We Want to Hang Out On

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What could possibly be more fun than watching your fave celebs on screen? Imagining their fab lives backstage, of course! These 10 sets from A to V look so fun to be on, all we wanna do is crash and/or become an extra. So it’s lights, camera…

10. The Avengers
Ready to join a cast where you have to learn awesome weaponry and fighting techniques? How about just getting to sit around with Chris HemsworthRobert Downey Jr, and Chris Evans all day? We’d hardly complain, either!


9. Glee
If a show called Glee isn’t fun to work on, then no set could hope to be! We love the Coke fight going on behind-the-scenes — and sans product placement, no less!


8. The Twilight Saga
Looks like someone’s having a craft services birthday, KStew! Hey, if your crew is willing to get you a cake for your big day, it maaay just make you want to blow out a few candles during the filming of the sequel, you know?


7. Spring Breakers
Ok, so director Harmony Korine might have gone overboard posting his backstage shots, but you can’t deny that Vespa-ing around with Vashnelena would have been a blast!


6. Mirror Mirror
Ever wondered how Lily Collins got into character to play Snow? We’re certain that director Tarsem Singh sure helped with his one-on-one coach approach! (Plus, how much fun must Lily have had getting so glammed up? We have total prom envy for her dress!)

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5. Pretty Little Liars
From letting little liar Ashley Benson get behind the camera to cast and crew hanging out on set, this backstage gang has all the comraderie that PLL is all about! Puffy coats aside, the situation on set looks downright sunny if you ask us!

ABC Family

4. The Vampire Diaries
Is Stefan getting a taste of his own medicine, thanks to Katherine? Nope — just good friends Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev goofing off behind the scenes! And talk about a fun set to work on — we’ve yet to see a photo where this cast isn’t smiling ear-to-ear!


3. Victorious
Since when is Ariana Grande blonde?! Oh, just another of the Twitter pranks pulled backstage with the cast of Victorious. From Avan falling over in high heels to Victoria’s inside peeks of backstage life, we’re secretly wishing we could hang with this cast, too!


2. The Hunger Games
Think the cast of The Hunger Games may have bonded just a teensy bit? Now that we see how close they were, it totally makes sense why their competitive nature came across on-screen!


1. The Amazing Spider-Man
Talking about hang-ing out! Once Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield got a peek at each other, it was all “adios amigo” to singledom. Not such a bad set to hang out at, hm, Em?

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What an amazing time! (And no wonder stars love to go to work.) Now that you’ve seen the evidence, what’s your dream TV or movie set to hang out!

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