Got a Sec? Instant Glam-overs To Pump Up Your Bedroom

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Just because your alarm is stuck on snooze doesn’t mean your entire bedroom should be, you guys! From a certain reality TV star’s highly-coveted leopard wall decals (we’ll give you one guess who we’re talking about…) to statement shades (and all the pillow parties in between), we’ve put together six ways to prettify your pad in a pinch. Heck, they may even motivate you to get up early(ish).

Stick It

Whether you’re one of the many girls who’ve been on the lookout for Teen Mom Chelsea’s spotty stick-ons (in which case you can finally breathe because we found this suitable “copycat” on Etsy), or you’re looking to set a new scene (nature, celeb – you name it), wall and furniture decals are the indecisive designer’s dream.


Fashion Framed

If you’re anything like us, you have at least one “really spoke to me, but apparently not to anything else in my wardrobe” clothing item or accessory buried somewhere. Bring that dress, hat or necklace (really cool if a row of ’em) back into the spotlight by framing it and hanging it on your wall. This also applies to new finds (like this Jason Wu for Target scarf) that make a strong statement on their own.


Mirror Messages

Have a daily mantra, goal or some unofficial words to live by? Spell it out on your mirror with an old lipstick (the brighter, the better) so you’re faced with it each day. If you don’t want to use your actual mirror, you can scoop up this cool (and perhaps less messy) chalkboard mirror decal.


Photo Exhibit

Solve the problem of little to no shelf space by hanging your dirty laundry (ahem, pictures) around your room. You can use some string and clothespins, or give your photos the spotlight they deserve with this light-up set from Urban Outfitters.

Urban Outfitters

Pillow Party

One of the quickest ways to punch up your bedding is to throw on a few playful pillows. Grab one in faux fur to give your room a luxe feel, or pile on the personality with loud prints. Our favorite recipe? 1) Striped, 1) Floral and 1) Spotted.


Statement Shades

News flash! Desk lamps are no longer just for lighting. Bring your lamp to life with a funky or colorful shade. Feeling crafty? Pick up a basic canvas cover and create a one-of-a-kind design with fabric paint.


Which of these ideas are you itchin’ to try? Do you have your own secret decorating trick? What does your dream room look like? Weigh in below!