6 Gorgeous Female Celebrities Who Look So Much Like Becky G, It’s Insane!

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It’s Friday, March 24, which means… Power Rangers is here! That means you’ll get to see some of today’s rising young talents in theaters, including the one and only Becky G.

Prior to the reboot’s release, we caught up with the 20-year-old singing sensation to talk all about her role as Trini Kwan — who, FYI, is the first LGBTQ+ superhero to hit the big screen! — how diversity plays a part in the new film, the injuries she suffered through on set, plus the audition process. And now that the big-budget production is available for all to see, we want to talk about Becky even more!

So, we thought we’d show you all the lookalikes she has walking around Hollywood, according to her loyal fans on the Internet. Feast your eyes, Beasters!