Becca Cosmetics is in Hot Water After Appearing to Use Blackface

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Update: Becca Cosmetics has since issued a statement regarding the original campaign images.


After posting promotional images of their new foundation on the Internet, beauty brand Becca Cosmetics is now being accused of blackface. Say WHAAAT?!

You heard it right, folks! Once people on Twitter saw the beauty brand’s Skin Love Weightless Blur Foundation swatched on four arms of varying skin tones, it was clear something was off. Like, way off. Take a look and see if you can spot the issue for yourself:

As you can tell, the palms of the darker skin tones have been so heavily edited to match the arms, which is extremely problematic considering that’s not how it goes IRL. In reality, there’s a noticeable variation in color between the arm and the palm, and since that’s not displayed literally AT ALL, people are coming at the brand… as they should.

Understandably, people are very upset that Becca Cosmetics didn’t hire a black model to show off the darker foundation. In response, though, they pretty much delivered the best clapbacks EVER, showing the beauty brand what black and brown palms actually look like. See?

Clearly, the beauty brand messed up BIG TIME, and although we have no idea what they’re planning on doing to fix it, a heartfelt apology is usually a good place to start. Sheesh!