This New Beautyblender Cleaning Hack Went Terribly, Terribly Wrong

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All of the makeup gurus out there can agree that it’s nearly impossible to pass up a new beauty hack, especially when it involves cleaning your Beautyblenders. As we all know, cleaning makeup sponges is one of the most annoying and tedious things to do, which is why whenever we hear of a quick and easy way to make them look brand new again, we jump on it.

So, what’s the latest hack? Well, according to one Twitter user, an easy way to clean your Beautyblender is by soaking it in soapy water and putting it in the microwave for one minute. She even shared a quick video with her followers to show ’em how it works!

Clearly, in the video, her Beautyblender looks as good as new, and TBH, we can’t blame anyone for wanting to give it try. Unfortunately, though, the hack didn’t work as well for some as it did for others.

When one person decided to try the hack for herself, she sadly skipped a few steps, turning her Beautyblender into, well, a worthless glob of goo. You see, an important step in the cleaning process is to microwave the sponge in a cup with soapy water, instead of just placing it in the microwave dry and all by its lonesome. Unfortunately, she went with the latter, and as you can see from the tweet below, it was a BIG mistake.

We know it looks bad… but it’s not all bad news. That’s right, folks! This hilarious Beautyblender cleaning fail happened because this particular Twitter user failed to follow the instructions. Therefore, we’re happy to announce that if you proceed with caution and make sure to leave your dirty sponge in a cup WITH soapy water for one minute, you will (hopefully) wind up with a sparkly clean Beautyblender. Just beware that if you skip even one step, you may end up with a dead sponge, much like the one above. RIP.