How to Do 16 of the Most Popular Hairstyles for Summer 2016

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Remember the days of the sock bun? You literally couldn’t go anywhere without seeing at least one giant, perfectly sculpted sock bun bobbing around on someone’s head — I think most of us actually depleted our sock collection because we were using them in our hair. Well, those days are long gone. No longer do you have to try to maneuver a sock or hair doughnut onto your head and attempt to make it look natural, because sock buns are no longer ~*trendy*~. Spring and summer 2016 have introduced a slew of new popular hairstyles that are less ballerina perfect and have more of a boho, messy-cool, festival-ready aesthetic to them. And since trying new things with your hair is part of the fun of having lots of hair, I wanted to show you guys some easy tutorials so that you can do these on your own.

Summer’s most popular hairstyles include a slew of different half-up styles, lots of cool braids and buns of a different sort. They can be seen on celebrities and Instagram cool girls alike, as well as on chicks you know at school, in the mall, at the beach, etc. These styles are fun, a little offbeat, and will also keep you cool and happy no matter what the weather is like. Let’s all try at least one of these during the next few months, okay? These tutorials on how to do the most popular hairstyles right now are all relatively simple and will make you look like you’re ahead of the curve. Enjoy!

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