Beauty How-To: Lauren Conrad’s Signature Ballerina Bun Gets a Twist! (Tips & Pics)

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Lauren Conrad Ballerina BunConsidering how often we see Lauren Conrad with a ballerina bun, we’re starting to wonder if she should just like, copyright the look or something. But it looks like LC’s gotten a little bored with her signature look cause she’s added a twist to it. Lauren’s transformed her bun into a braided bun and thanks to her site, The Beauty Department, we know just how to get it.

Read on to see what you’ll need and snag all the tips we found for this cute little ‘do!

Tools You’ll Need:
Water based pomade
Two clear elastic ponytail holders
Comb or teasing brush
Bobby pins

1. Flip your head over and put a little bit of pomade at the root. This makes the hair easier to braid by giving a little bit of soft/flexible hold and braids are less likely to slip out when you use this.
2. With your head still flipped, braid from the base of your neck going up to the crown area. Stop where you want the bun to start.
3. When you reach your stopping point with the braid, tie the 3 braid pieces off with a clear elastic.
4. You should still be upside down at this point. Now gather all of your hair into a high ponytail. Flip right-side-up and make sure it’s centered, then tie it off with your other clear elastic.
5. Tease the hair with a comb or a teasing brush.
6. Pin it into a classic bun shape and top it off with a bit of hairspray, if you want.

Braided Ballerina Bun

The Beauty Department

Do you like the braided ballerina bun look or do you prefer the original style? Think you’ll try this hairdo for a holiday party? Sound off!

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