The 1 Thing in the Beauty and the Beast Trailer People Found to Complain About

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Sigh, it’s always something, right?

Last year, in January 2015, the world was finally introduced to the heroine from Disney’s live-action version of Beauty and the Beast: Emma Watson scored the role of Belle! Of course, everyone was familiar with the British beauty due to her portrayal of Hermione Granger in all eight Harry Potter films, so to find out that she was cast as a Disney Princess seemed like a dream come true… to us, at least.

While other names were tossed in the air, like Kristen Stewart, due to her professional relationship with director Bill Condon — he directed Breaking Dawn — it was Emma would stood out among the rest. Unfortunately, after watching the first-ever teaser trailer from the film, people are not impressed with the casting decision:

The funny thing is… Emma was actually born in France! Sure, she doesn’t have a French accent, but it’s hard to argue against the star, considering she’s Parisian-born, you know?

A bigger case could be made against Scottish actor Ewan McGregor, though, whose French accent was a hot mess:

When it comes to these kinds of things, you can’t guarantee everyone’s happiness. BUT, it does appear like the whole accent thing is the one item people found to complain about — everything else is perfection.

Watch the first teaser trailer for the ~tale as old as time~ here:

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