This Amazing Makeup Was Inspired by the Stained Glass in Beauty and the Beast

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Thanks to the Internet, we’ve seen a lot of things when it comes to makeup, but never before have we seen makeup that was inspired by the stained glass windows in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast… until now, that is!

Thanks to makeup artist Rachel Murray, we’ve now been gifted with a makeup look that’s very outside the box in the best way possible. Rather than creating a look inspired by Belle, Rachel took it a step further and recreated the iconic stained-glass window featured in the movie. Look how cool it is!

We know… it’s insane! Luckily, if you’re looking to try this look out for yourself, Rachel provided her followers with all of the products she used in the caption of her photo. To achieve this look, she used Mehron Makeup’s Fantasy FX Paints in Gold, Yellow, White, and Blue; Mehron Makeups’s Fleur Prisma Cake; Illamasqua Gel Liner and Obsidian ES; Olivia Belle Beauty’s Jayme Lashes; Makeup Revolution C1, C4, C7 and C12 Concealers; and Spectrum Collection Brushes.

If you’re impressed, but Beauty and the Beast isn’t your favorite Disney flick, don’t worry! This look was just one of four from her Disney series, which features makeup inspired by Aladdin, Mulan, and even Colours of the Wind. See?

Clearly, she’s super talented, so instead of attempting this look on ourselves, we’re going to leave it to the professionals and wait for her to post some more iconic looks in the future.