6 Beauties Who Gave Serious Princess Belle Vibes on the Red Carpet This Year

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We’ll give just about any reason to talk about the live-action version of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast: the actors and actresses who were considered before Dan Stevens and Emma Watson were cast, respectively; the fan theories surrounding the new edition; the recently-debated addition of a gay character; Ariana Grande & John Legend‘s music video… To say we’re fans of it all would be an understatement. Really. We recently caught a screening of the flick, and we are HOOKED.

One super-important element of any BatB movie that we simply MUST discuss is that golden gown:

While the Emma Watson-led insta-classic has its own version, there’s ~just a little change~ between the characteristics of the animated version and the 2017 edition; so ~small, to say the least~. And, you know something? We kinda think the same of these six celebrities, and their gowns from the 2016-2017 red-carpet season: