One of Fifth Harmony’s Tourmates Comes Clean About Her Mom’s Emotional Abuse

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What you see isn’t always what is real — that’s what Bea Miller recently tweeted, after a shocking revelation about her relationship with one of her mothers, Hilery Kipnis.

In September 2015, the now-17-year-old packed her bags and moved back to New Jersey with her other mother, Kim Miller, and her two little sisters. Since then, fans have wondered and questioned why she made such a decision. And Bea’s had enough of it. “I am exhausted [from] coming on Twitter and seeing my own fans talking about how I am not living my life in a way that’s good enough for them,” she said on the social media site. “I would like to address this because it’s really not appropriate for anyone to tell me who I’m allowed or not allowed to spend my time with. You don’t know what goes on in my personal life to the extent that I do and it’s incredibly ignorant for you to think that what you see on the Internet is all there is to my story and to my life.”

Here’s the situation as the X Factor alum regards it: “Hilery depended on me for many years, and eventually I found out she was taking money from me to spend on herself, while telling me I had no money to buy small things I wanted because I ‘couldn’t afford it.'”

Wait, it gets worse. “Before then, she belittled me almost every single day, and would tell me I wasn’t working as hard as she was even though I was the one trying to make sure we could afford food” she recalled. “When I did finally start making a little money, she would not allow me to send it home to my other mom and two little sisters, she would spend it on herself and then tell me we couldn’t afford to help them.”

In recent weeks, Hilery changed her name to “childless mother” on Twitter, leaving the already-emotionally abused Demi Lovato/Fifth Harmony tourmate to fend off curious fans. But now you know Bea’s side of the story — from the emotional abuse to the theft — so, as she concluded in her series of tweets, let’s “not address this again.”

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