Why the World is Convinced One of These Adorable Celebrity Couples Broke Up

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It’s only been a few days since Jacob Whitesides completely gushed to us about his longtime girlfriend Bea Miller. Even though the musicians are both currently on tour, the 18-year-old singer said he and the 17-year-old have figured out ways to make their relationship work.

“The main thing is always communicate what we’re doing that day so we can utilize that time,” he said. “Because even if we can’t see each other in real life it’s still very important to talk to each other about everything that’s going on. It’s kind of like therapy for both of us.”

But while Jacob seemed fairly confident that he and Bea would be able to keep their love alive over these busy months, it seems that the distance may have gotten too much to handle; according to many fans, the pair has broken up.

While neither teenager has said anything directly regarding the alleged split, the former X-Factor contestant deleted almost all of her pictures with the “Lovestruck” crooner on Instagram, which is pretty strange seeing as he was once her favorite subject to photograph.

Even though Jacob has kept up most of his pics with Bea, he did delete the tribute to their one-year anniversary and posted a cryptic tweet that definitely alludes to a broken heart.

As we mentioned before, it’s the singers’ diehard fans who first noticed these unusual activities, and began immediately questioning their relationship status.

Again, everything is speculation right now, but the signs of a split are definitely there. Poor things; we hope they’re able to keep their heads up at this tough time!


Bea isn’t the only celeb to delete all traces of her ex on social media after a breakup…