One of Your Fave YouTube Beauty Gurus is Being Sent to Jail for Drunk Driving

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When YouTuber Bea Jonite (chanelegance on YT) got in her car after a night of drinking, she “thought that it was okay” for her to drive home because she “didn’t have enough money on [her] card to get the taxi.” Although she “didn’t kill anyone or do anything bad,” the 20 year old’s blood alcohol level was almost double the legal limit in Latvia, where this incident happened, and she was arrested and charged with a DUI.

“I don’t even want to think about what I could have possibly done,” she said. “I could have KILLED somebody. Horrible.”

The beauty guru then had to go to court, where she learned she would have to pay $955 and spend 5-10 days in jail.

“It’s actual prison where you’re treated horribly You’re in horrible conditions in a cell with people who did god knows what in one cell with the toilet inside the cell. No social media, obviously. No nothing. Just prison.”

Bea then went on to explain that while she could’ve just avoided talking about this topic all together because she’s “really, really embarrassed,” she wanted to spread awareness on how serious the issue really is.

“What happened to me could happen to anyone,” she explained. “I think maybe if someone on the Internet who was my age told me what could happen if you drunk drive, I would’ve listened. But I had no idea, because I thought, ‘Oh, of course I’m not going to get caught.’ You have every single right to judge me for what I did and be mad at me.”

The YouTube star decided to take her subscribers with her to court, so they could see first hand what it was like.

Bea says she is able to turn herself into jail any time within the year, and will probably go “in summer or fall.” She will also not be able to drive for two years, and eventually will have start the process of getting her license all over again.

The beauty guru unfortunately joins the ranks of many other stars who’ve been arrested for drunk driving: