Quiz: Which Basic Fall Trend Are You?

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Instagram (@daniellejonas)

Instagram (@daniellejonas)

Fall (or Autumn, if you’re British or pretentious) is the time of beautifully red-and-orange landscapes, warm and cozy drinks, Halloween and, above all, more basic trends than are seen in any of the other seasons combined. Think about it: when else does a seasonal shift provoke a total onslaught of basic b*tches and all things that they (who are we kidding — we can go ahead and use “we” here) hold near and dear? The answer is never, because fall has the basic demographic on lock.

But how are you supposed to choose WHICH of these basic trends speaks to you on a true and deep level? You can’t just go choosing between Uggs and eternity scarves, all willy-nilly. No. There is a science to it. And, as we’ve already conquered said science, take our quiz to find out which basic fall trend you are: