12 Barbie Bibble Memes That Will Take You Right Back to Middle School

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The internet is always full of surprises. There’s a new hilarious meme pretty much every week, and so far, there seems to be no clear formula for how they come to be. Some people and moments are born to go viral, but a lot of the time, pictures and gifs are plucked somewhere from the depths of the interweb only to explode on social media.

In this week’s edition of “Where TF did this meme come from,” we present to you Bibble from Barbie: Fairytopia. A screengrab of the little blue fluff ball has blown up on Twitter, with accounts using the pic to demonstrate the belting out of song lyrics — the most of which we bopped to when we were tweens. Keep scrolling to see 12 Bibble memes that will have you feeling nostalgic for middle school.