16 Memes of Biden Being Honored by Obama That’ll Make You LOL 1 Last Time

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We hate to say it, but there are only a few more days that we can call the man, the myth, the meme-legendJoe Biden — our Vice President. Before he leaves office, however, President Barack Obama presented the 74-year-old man with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, which is the “nation’s highest civilian honor.”

While people were obviously very happy that the VP received such a prestigious award, they were also excited about something else — the opportunity to create one last Joe Biden meme before Mike Pence takes his place.


2. WHAT?!

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3. We’ll miss this bromance so much.

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5. Defffiiiinitely

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6. #RelationshipGoals

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7. Savage!

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8. Just go with it.

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9. “I’d like to thank the American people…”

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10. No, it was Joe.

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11. GET IT!


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13. We see no difference.

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14. Anything Joe wants, Joe gets.

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15. Obviously.

16. Love!

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