17 of Your Favorite Bands That Have Gone on an Indefinite Hiatus

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As fans, there’s nothing that can truly prepare us for the day our favorite band makes the sad announcement that they will be taking a break from making music together. We think to ourselves, “Oh, they’ve just been working so hard and they need a break,” or, “This time away from each other will be good for them,” but, deep down, we’re normally aware that the announcement of a hiatus is never a good sign. We mean, there’s a good chance a hiatus can turn into a real breakup, and as time goes on, the odds of us getting any new music continues to get slimmer.

Unfortunately, it’s time for us to face a sad reality, and it’s that bands usually don’t last forever. Experiencing success as a group is fun until, one day, it’s not fun anymore, and the members decide to go their separate ways and pursue their own solo projects. Throughout our lifetime, it’s happened time and time again, but even though it’s never all that surprising, it’s almost always disappointing. Wondering which bands decided to take a break, and maybe, possibly, will never make their return? We’ve got a list of 17 of ’em right here: