6 Bands Who Were Forced to Perform Without a Member Due to Illness

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Bandmates’ on-stage chemistry is one of the main reasons why groups like One Direction and Fifth Harmony are so successful; they just mesh, you know? So if one person is unable to make a performance for whatever reason, something ends up being off. But you know what they say — the show must go on!

Even though 5 Seconds of Summer cancelled a few of their shows when Ashton Irwin came down with appendicitis (which is understandable — you can’t really play a concert without your drummer), many other of your fave groups have persevered on when one of the members becomes sick or gets injured. And even though it’s super weird to see a quartet perform as a trio, or a five-piece suddenly become four, ish happens and carrying on NMW is why these people get paid the big bucks.