Lady Gaga Shaves Her Head In Honor of Famed Photographer Terry Richardson’s Mom

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What is it about pop stars shaving/cutting/changing their hair lately? First it was Miley Cyrus who debuted a very, um, different blond pixie cut, then Kellie Pickler shaved off her hair in solidarity for a BFF who has cancer (which is so nice we can’t take it), and now, it’s Lady Gaga doing the deed, shaving off a part of her hair in honor of her friend slash photographer Terry Richardson, whose mother recently passed away from cancer.

Gaga tweeted out this last night:

With this pic along with it:



It’s definitely an edgy look, but we woudln’t expect anything less from Lady G. The good news, though? She can easily cover it up with one of her many wigs (or maybe borrow one from Nicki Minaj) if she gets bored.

And of course, we can’t forget Kellie Pickler‘s recently-shorn strands, too. She’s taking a stand against cancer in honor of her best friend who’s currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer, and taking to her Twitter to spread the word. So admirable, Kel! Check out the video of it actually happening right here.



And speaking of Twitter, Miley Cyrus has been quite active on it lately, showing off her new short hair via Twit pics. Granted she’s not as bald as Gaga and Kellie, but she is certainly bold:



Are you on board with the new short hair trend? Which singer rocks the look the best? Vote and make sure to tell us how you really feel in the comments!

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