The Real-Life Moment that Inspired a Scene on Bailee Madison’s TV Show

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You probably recognize Bailee Madison from her roles on TV shows like Wizards of Waverly Place, The Fosters, and Once Upon a Time. However, the young actress shows off yet another side of her herself in her latest series, Good Witch, which is gearing up for its second season. Before the Hallmark Channel show premieres on Sunday, we sat down with the 16-year-old star to get all the exclusive deets on the upcoming episodes!

Although Good Witch does have a magical element, Bailee assures us that there’s much more to the storyline than just that. “It’s about magical qualities,” she said. “I think I like it because you don’t have to have powers to be a good person, or to be kind and respectful — that’s the magic of humanity.”

If you’ve already watched season one of the show, you better be prepared for the next season, because it jumps right into the drama! But even if you’re behind and will be tuning in for the first time, Bailee assures you that you don’t have to worry — GW has something for everyone.

“Next season picks up almost immediately where we left off in the first season and this time there’s a lot more ups and downs. I feel like we explore very relatable storylines for the adults as well as my teenage group. And my character Grace is really trying to discover who she is and is very unsure of herself, like many girls and guys are.”

Hallmark Channel

Hallmark Channel

The show is so relatable, in fact, that some of the scenes were actually based on real-life events that happened to Bailee! Believe it or not, a storyline in an upcoming episode is based on a baking day that happened between the teenager and her co-star Rhys Matthew Bond. As Bailee explains it, she decided to help out Rhys because he was working on a home economics course that required him to put his baking skills to the test.

“I brought him over and I was like, ‘I’m going to teach you [how to bake]!’ And we spent all of our day off baking from 9am until 7pm.” Now THAT sounds like a party we wish we were invited to, TBH! The 17 year old actually turned out to be a decent baker, and Bailee documented the whole day through plenty of Snapchats. “I was really proud of him. He got into it at the end, because I was tired and I was like, ‘You do the rest,'” Bailee said. Considering that the pair was baking for hours, we’re not surprised that she was exhausted by the end. LBH, how many of us could last that long?

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In the week following Bailee and Rhys’ baking day, the writers at Good Witch decided it would make for some great show material. They wrote a similar scene into a script, and Bailee couldn’t be happier with the end result. “It was a cute way to be like, “Oh my gosh this happened in real life and I can connect to this!;”

Although you’re going to have to wait a bit to see this magic on the small screen, we have an EXCLUSIVE clip from Good Witch season 2 below!

Be sure to catch all the action that happens on Season 2 of Good Witch, which airs Sunday, April 17 at 9/8c on Hallmark Channel!

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