16 Sequels That Were Released Even Though the First Movie Sucked

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Let’s face it, we have seen a plethora of bad movies this year. Although there have been a ton of incredible films that totally rocked the box office, we keep going back to how disappointing 2017 has been, theater-wise. Seeing Justice League turn into a total flop and one of Bella Thorne‘s flicks only bringing in $742, we can’t help but wonder what the heck is going on.

Thankfully, 2017 isn’t cursed (we think) and there have always been awful movies. Have you ever been at the theater to see a movie and during the previews you see a trailer and go, “WTF? How in the world did that movie get a sequel??” Well, we have. We rounded up all the really sucky movies that somehow got approved for a #2. We honestly didn’t even know some of these movies even had sequels! Check it out and reminisce about bad movies of the past: