7 Movie Sequels That Were So Bad Even The Film Studios Ignore Them

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It’s hard for a movie sequel to live up to its predecessor, and although most cannot compare to the first of its kind, some definitely hold their own. Unlike the upcoming My Big Fat Greek Wedding sequel that’s sure to be amazing, most are just so bad that fans, actors, directors and even entire film studios ignore their existence. This means that after key cast members come back, for example, and the films get back on track, the franchises move forward without ever acknowledging the flub. Did you know there was a Dumb and Dumber sequel that came BEFORE the supposed ‘sequel’ debuting later this year? Any clue about a The Fast and The Furious counterpart without Vin Diesel and Paul Walker? Well, they exist, although we’re pretty sure all parties involved wish they didn’t. Click through the gallery below to see the best of the worst movie sequels ever!