8 Things You Will Inevitably Feel When You Get A Bad Haircut

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When it comes to bad haircuts, there are two things that every person can agree on: A) When they happen to you, they’re more awful than anyone else can imagine, and B) they must be stopped at all costs. Those, plus the fact that your stylist never means just one inch when they say that’s all they’ll trim. Seriously, never. But, unfortunately, as long as there are salon chairs to be sat in, there will inevitably be bad haircuts. And each time someone falls victim to one, they’ll probably most likely feel a mixture of all of these emotions:

1. “Nononono, you’re cutting too much!” Way too much, always too much.

Mindy Kaling Hair Cut Shocked

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2. “I have to pretend that I love it.” To spare your hairstylist your sad, sad tears.

Rihanna Hair Flip

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3. “Maybe I can fix it.” You can’t. You shouldn’t.

Tangled Disney Hair Cut

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4. “How am I supposed to replicate this style after I wash my hair for the first time?” Straighten it, curl it or some weird combination of the two? Wand it? UGH.

5. “How long is it going to take to grow back?” It’s been, like, 17 minutes since it was cut and it’s still just as terrible. Time is torturous.

Cookie Monster Waiting Fingers Tapping

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6. “No one look at me. Or look at me, but just know that I already know what you’re thinking and I’ve thought it 50 times already just today.”

7. “Maybe I can make hats my new thing.” Yeah, that’ll work.

Amy Poehler Tiny Hat SNL

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8. “Eh, I guess it isn’t so bad.” From a precise angle and in a specific light. The important thing to remember is that it could be so much worse.

Emma Watson Short Hair

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