10 Celeb Shoes We Would Never Wear IRL

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Many times celebrities totally wow us with their fab fashion and must-have accessories. But other times? They’re not so lucky and end up on our worst dressed list. Whomp whomp. While most of our attention is towards celebs’ outfits we do take note of their footwear – if only to say ‘Ouch! How are they walking in those heels?’ Would you be caught dead wearing any of these sky-high (or super ugly) heels IRL?

Katy Perry
These shoes are uh… interesting. We don’t know how Katy could even walk, she’s practically on her tip toes!

Taylor Momsen
Nothing screams ‘I’m a hardcore rocker’ like platform studded gun shoes. How Taylor is even standing in them we’ll never know.

Ashley Tisdale
We’re guessing it took Ashley quite a while to lace up these boots. She doesn’t appear to be bending much at the knee, which is obvs a side effect of these tight thigh-high platforms.

Demi Lovato
Demi is pretty much walking on top of a five inch block of wood. Ugly and uncomf? No thanks.

Lucy Hale
Heel-less heels are all the rave right now. Lucy looks stunning as usual, but how the eff did she walk a red carpet in those things?!

Willow Smith
So these heel-less sneakers(?) are beyond weird! We’re guessing Willow wanted the extra 6 inches but didn’t want to sport girlie pumps.

Oh RiRi, you never cease to amaze us. We hope she didn’t spend too much time outside in those funky shoes. We can only imagine the unfortunate tan lines.

Lady Gaga
Gaga def takes the crown for most bizarre footwear. Really, Gaga? Really?!

Nicki Minaj
We love Nicki’s quirky fashion, but we would never try to replicate her footwear. This rapper does not mess around when it comes to her pumps.

Fergie Ferg showed off her green flamed heels on St. Patrick’s Day. But girl on fire? Not so much.

What do you think of these celebrities’ footwear? Would you ever try to wear their shoes IRL? Who takes the crown for ugliest heels? Let us know in the comments.

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