8 Musicians Who Have Been Accused of Having Horrible Meet and Greets

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We know that sometimes meeting your famous idol could be bad news because of all of the high expectations, but thankfully most celeb-meetings are incredible, life-changing, etc. There are so many stars out there who are known for being super nice to their fans both in person and on social media; some famous people have actually gone as far as dating a supporter! Now that’s kindness.

Of course, for every incredible encounter there are about five bad ones to accompany it. We feel like we always hear about celebrities who are rude to fans, and sometimes that rudeness translates to meet and greets, as well. Most recently, Demi Lovato allegedly had an awful response to a Lovatic who paid to get a pic with his favorite singer and, unfortunately, there are tons more stories just like it. We rounded up all the celebs who have been accused of having horrible meet and greets and, honestly, we’re not that surprised by some of them.