When Bad Hair Extensions Happen to Good People Like Vanessa, Miley, Taylor and More

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So, did you hear about that awkward moment that Demi Lovato had on stage recently? Where her hair extension FELL OUT OF HER HEAD and into her hand while she was mid-song? Of course the Demster played it majorly cool and all (as you can tell in the vid below), but not every other celebrity with fake hair has been so lucky. We’re talking about people like Snooki, Vanessa, Miley and more whose hair mishaps are way more unfortunate than the Demster’s.

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We think these cringe-worthy pics can help us explain:

Has Miley Cyrus been borrowing hair extensions from her brunette-headed friends like Selena, Demi, and Brenda Song? Hers would’ve looked way better if they actually were dyed to match her strawberry blonde hair.Miley Cyrus Hair Extensions

Surprisingly, the bra hanging out of her shirt isn’t the worst part of Taylor Momsen’s look. Those straggly brownish-reddish extensions make us wanna vom.

Vanessa Hudgens gets bonus points for the cute little feather, but she made this list because her normally gorg locks just look plain dirty with those mismatching extensions. And we get the whole hippie vibe she’s going for but come on, V, a hairbrush wouldn’t hurt.

Vanessa Hudgens Hair Extensions

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Even though, years later, Ashlee Simpson still hasn’t admitted to getting a nose job, here’s something that Ash can’t deny — her hair is fake, too. We see that little brown straggly piece, lady. Can’t fool us. Ashlee Simpson Hair Extensions

Ok, we’ll admit it — Maci Bookout’s hair looks kind of awesome here. But the problem? Maci Bookout doesn’t look like Maci Bookout. What happened to that short, ginger bob she sported for so long on Teen Mom? If you’re gonna get extensions, at least make ’em look natch.
Maci Bookout Hair Extensions

Rihanna basically looks like a cross between Rapunzel and Ariel the Little Mermaid with those ridic red extensions. We’re all for dressing up like Disney princesses and stuff, but not when you turn out looking like that. Eek. Rihanna Hair Extensions

Is The Situation giving Snooki grey hairs already?! Nah. That’s just her awful grey extensions peeking through her black locks. That nest looks like it’d be a biotch to detangle…Snooki Hair Extensions

Any guesses on who we’ve officially the crowned as the Worst Celeb Hair Extensions ever? That’s poor Britney Spears, who thought that blonde extensions would make us all forget that whole head-shaving incident. Nope.Forgiven but not forgotten, Brit Brit..Britney Spears Hair Extensions

Oh, and here’s the vid about Demi that we were talking about. Nice recovery, right?!

Which of these stars has the worst extensions? Would you ever try extensions in your hair? Do you think Demi’s on-stage moment was embarrassing? To the comments you go!