The Best & Worst Celeb Hair (from the Last Couple Months)… On Guys!

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Usually when we gush over celebrity hair secrets or question their WTF ‘dos, our posts are packed with’s ultimate female stars. But today, we just had to talk about recent hairstyles that our fave celeb dudes have been sporting. Especially after Kellan Lutz just buzzed off all his locks for no apparent reason this week.

So enjoy our picks for Best Guy Hair, and feel free to totally laugh at all the hairdon’ts!

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WORST: Kellan Lutz
Ehh, guess it’s not the first time Kel’s suffered from a poor ‘do. (Platinum blond? Ick!)

Bad Celebrity Hair

BEST: Robert Pattinson
Yeah, it’s kinda shocking to see RPattz on our Best list.
Then again, do you see what he used to look like? Anything‘s an improvement.

WORST: Penn Badgley
Since his breakup with Blake Lively, Penn’s really been suffering in the hair department.
Zoe, buy your man a hairbrush!

BEST: Chace Crawford
Thankfully, not all the Gossip guys are afraid of a little styling product.
Chace def uses his the right way.

WORST: Rupert Grint
After you star in a mega-billion-dollar franchise like Harry Potter, neglecting the way you look just seems wrong. Is there a spell to fix this or something?

BEST: Justin Bieber
The Biebs never really does any wrong when it comes to his ‘do. It is his moneymaker, after all!

WORST: Mark Salling
Mohawks are already out of style. Adding a combover to the mix? So not gleekin’ cool, Mark.

BEST: Ryan Gosling
We like to call this look, “Effortless.”

WORST: The Situation
Jersey Shore has “Yikes!” written all over it.

BEST: Zac Efron
Well, duh! Zefron could do have of the above heinous looks and still get away with it.

Which guy’s look are you absolutely hating? Who has the best ‘do? Vote for the just plain bad celebrity hair below, then tell us your fave!