12 Backhanded Compliments You Should Never Give a Black Girl

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I was just 11 years old when I walked into school with straight hair for the first time. My hair was down, swinging just past the tips of my shoulders and it felt amazing. I mean, I basically flaunted that hair like it was my crown of glory. So when I walked into school with my new hairstyle and got greeted with comments like “Whoa! You look so much better with your hair like that!” and “Wait, are you mixed or something?” I was actually flattered (I grew up among peers who were fixated with long hair and fair skin, so to even be considered “mixed” was like a high honor… I know, it’s stupid). I just blushed and said, “thank you,” but I didn’t even realize that all of these “compliments” were actually buttered-up insults against black girls.

Backhanded compliments are, unfortunately, something that almost every black girl is forced to experience at some point in her life. But you know what sucks even more? The fact that people don’t even realize that their compliments are actually insulting. To be fair, I can understand that most of them don’t intend to sound mean or racist (it’s crazy how clueless some people really are). But even with good intentions, those types of comments can still be pretty hurtful and offensive.

If you really want to know how to compliment a black girl without being insulting, you should check out these 12 backhanded compliments that you should never say to a black girl:

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