13 Incredible Back-To-School Hacks You Won’t Believe You Survived Without

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Ready or not, here it comes! We seriously cannot even believe that summer is winding down and school is right around the corner! But before you curl into a ball and sob at the thought of homework, tests and waking up early (we have chills just thinking about it!), let us present to you the most amazing back-to-school hacks you’ll ever see in your entire life!

From tips and tricks on how to study more effectively to methods to help you stop pressing the snooze button, you seriously won’t believe you ever survived without these bad boys!

1. Have a problem waking up when your alarm goes off? These tips will help you!



2. Never stress about your foreign language class again!

3. Here’s how to make the most of your studying sessions:



4. Google is great, but there’s always SO MUCH INFORMATION! Use this site to narrow things down:

5. Learning a new schedule is always tough. Take a picture of yours on the first day of school and set it as your lock screen so you can remember where you have to go:

6. Never miss a pesky typo again!

7. This simple gum trick will help you remember what you spent so much time studying:



8. Need some motivation when you study? Try strategically placing gummy bears on your book!



9. If your notebooks all look the same, color a bit of the page tops so you can differentiate between ’em in your backpack.

10. Proof that procrastination isn’t your friend:

11. Use Post-It notes to make weekly to-do lists — you’ll always be able to change them out as you get things done!

12. Worried about opening your locker? Here’s your fool-proof method!

13. It’s never too early to start thinking about college-entry tests. Here are the differences between the SAT and ACT tests:

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