The Ultimate Back-to-School Beauty Survey

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We’re sure that when Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez split up for the first time after their days as Barney BFFs, it was tough for them to handle. And that’s what it’s gonna be like for Ally and Alli, two biffsters who’ve been inseparable since preschool! They’re both about to head off to different colleges, in two different states. But before they start their new journeys without each other, they got to cross one thing off their BFF list: Style makeovers.

Check out the vid from their exciting beauty shoot (with Kim Kardashian‘s stylist!), plus take the ultimate back-to-school beauty survey!

Take the super fun style survey below:



What’s on your list with your BFF? Whose red carpet beauty style (from the survey) are you dying to try — Katy Perry‘s or Bella Thorne‘s? Tell us your answers below!