Think You Can Survive Youtube’s Baby Food Challenge? Ew.

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So, there have been some pretty strange challenges on Youtube in the past, we’re not gonna lie. The cinnamon challenge was tricky, the saltine cracker challenge was impossible and the Circus Afro challenge was the most annoying thing ever, but we’ve never seen one that was hands down disgusting. Youtube’s Baby Food Challenge is the newest craze to hit the internet, and although it may seem completely unappealing, people are of course participating. We’re not sure if it’s the thrill of the unknown or the desire to get through it without throwing up cringing, but for some reason, the challenge has become super popular. So, if you’re never heard of the challenge or want to be a part of it yourself, we’ve picked our top five Baby Food Challenge vids for your viewing pleasure.

Oh, Joey Graceffa, we love you because you’re completely hilar, but eating baby food is clearly not your thing. Annnnd you totes cheated on that bite of beef…
Joey’s friend Luke was inspired to take on the challenge himself, and let’s just say although he did slightly better (did you see the size of his bites?), the cat-food similarities were too much for him to handle, and we don’t blame him.
Um, when did sleepovers go from scary movies and makeovers to eating baby food? Yuck.
This may be the most accurate version of the challenge, because this little girl can probs remember eating baby food, like, a year ago.
Note to self: if a guy tries to convince us to eat baby food at 3am, say no. It doesn’t matter how cute he is…
Think you could survive the Baby Food Challenge? Which challenge vid was the funniest you saw?

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