Months After Breakup, Baby Ariel is Dating Another Popular Musical.ly Cutie

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When musical.ly stars Baby Ariel and Zach Clayton broke up in July, they blamed their “hectic schedules” and “all the distance between them.” Luckily, the teenagers remained “the same best of friends” like they promised, which is really convenient since they’re current on the DigiTour together. Zariel’s friendship also comes in handy now that the 16-year-old Muser is seemingly dating another musical.ly celeb, Blake Gray, who’s also on the tour.

While neither Ariel nor the 15-year-old have officially confirmed their romance, their social media habits are definitely pointing in the direction of a relationship.

First, the beauty replied to one of Blake’s flirty tweets.

Then she favorited a note that read, “Some of the people still shipping Zariel need to stop and understand that Ariel is happy, Ariel moved on. Let Ariel be happy. They’re still friends. We might not all ship #Bariel but if it is true that they’re dating then let them be.”

Blake has also made the rumors flare with his own comments back to Ariel.


Needless to say, fans are pretty certain that Blariel is a thing and are basically begging for the teenagers to just confirm their relaysh already.

We guess time will tell!


Blake and Ariel met because of musical.ly, but these couples started dating thanks to YouTube: