Singer Accuses Cole Sprouse of Slander After She’s Detained by Police

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If you thought you’d heard the last of Babe Coal — you know, the street performer who wouldn’t stop performing on the Riverdale set unless she was compensated — you thought wrong. ’cause while you may’ve been under the impression that Cole Sprouse made some valid points about her appearance at the scene (he called her a “scam artist”), she is now far from the biggest fan of the actor and the crew from the CW series.

According to the female musician (via Twitter), who was detained by police following the events in Vancouver’s Robson Square, “Riverdale cast and crew who surrounded me should be ashamed at how they treated me last night, you can’t treat people like that. Riverdale cast and crew were misinformed as to the facts of what happened and how I was rudely mistreated during my performance. […] Riverdale cast were acting like trolls towards me. Cole Sprouse slandered me and acted terribly he should be ashamed. What he and cast did was abusive towards a member of the public.”

“I waited two hours for that spot as another amplified artist was performing closer to set without problems,” she continued. “I was quieter than that artist. Before I could perform it took over 20 minutes to set up and sound check, I then began to perform building an audience. After a few songs a sound person from the show came out, waited for my song to end and then asked me if I could turn down my volume a bit. I happily turned down my volume and she came back out, gave me the thumbs up and was satisfied. I continued to perform and had built a nice audience when 2 different people from the crew rudely forced me to stop my performance, mid-song. Not only did they not wait for the song to finish, but they were rude to me and told me to leave right away or they would call the police. They did not ask me to turn down the volume anymore to accommodate them, they simply were rude demanding and threatening. Forcing me to stop my performance for my audience with no other choice given I told them they should compensate me for my loss.”

She continued on with her story, but it doesn’t sound like things went down as she suggested:

Nevertheless, you better believe that she considers Cole Sprouse to be Public Enemy #1:

Cole Sprouse has yet to comment on the situation.