Zayn Malik May Not Have Shut a Racist AF Rapper Down, But a Disney Star Def Did

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Every now and then, a celebrity goes on a rant that’s justified; and then there’s Azealia Banks. The rapper is know for starting serious s*it with various people on social media, but her latest Twitter rampage was so uncalled for and disgusting that we really can’t even wrap our heads around it.

It all started when Zayn Malik released the music video “Like I Would” a couple days ago, which the 24-year-old woman said was a bit too similar to work she’s done in the past. Shortly after the comparison picture was posted, the former One Direction member sent out his own ~shady~ tweets:

Even though the 23 year old never mentioned Azealia by name, the Harlem-Born girl was NOT happy, and decided the best way to respond was to send him a serious of horrific racist notes.




Despite the fact that the rapper absolutely deserved to get shut the eff down by the British cutie, Zayn decided to take the high road and kept his mouth shut on social media. It’s now time to enter Disney star Skai Jackson, who unwillingly ended up on the receiving end of Azealia’s uncalled for explosion after she wrote, “Azealia Banks needs to simmer down a little.”

Minutes later, the New Yorker redirected her attention to the 14 year old, and began to bombard her with equally as cringe-worthy tweets. But unlike Zayn, the former Jessie actress was not going to take them sitting down.



BURN. But the feud was far from over. Azaelia then decided to go after the fact that Skai is the subject of a popular meme, which means she isn’t “a star” or “a topic.”


The two went back and forth for quite a long time after, but the rapper has since deleted her tweets. We’re not sure if she got rid of ’em as an ‘apology,’ but the damage has clearly already been done. GOODBYE.

Eventually, Zayn did respond to Azaelia’s rant, but just simply told her that he wasn’t even talking about her in the first place. El oh el.


While Azaelia was OBVIOUSLY being blatantly racist in her rant, other stars got slammed for unintentionally doing the same: