20 Awkward Things That Happen When You’re a Late Bloomer

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Whether it’s about going through puberty after all of your friends or having a stalled love life, being a late bloomer can feel like your life is one big string of awkward moments. It’s the worst feeling of FOMO ever, because you literally have no control over it. It’s exhausting and annoying AF. Most of your friends have already burned through their romantic milestones and are rocking C-cups while making out with their boyfriends. Meanwhile, you’re counting down the days until you can fill out any bra that has underwire and a clasp, and can barely get your crush to say more than five words to you. It sucks the most and it hurts your feelings even though no one did anything to you.

It’s a little weird for me to think about people actively wanting to go through puberty, because as I remember it, puberty sucked and it made me look like a troll. Then I remembered that no one really wants to go through puberty, you just want it to be done so you can appreciate your new, flawless new body, care of Mother Nature. Still, no matter what, you’re going to have to get started so you can get on the other side of that awkwardness. But, what about the awkwardness of it not starting? It’s easy to forget the feeling of romantic impossibility or feeling like you’ll never look like a ~real~ teenager and the weirdness that comes with it. If you’re a late bloomer, you know this struggle. Here are 20 awkward things that only happen if you’re a late bloomer:

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