10 YouTube Stars That Awkwardly Got Asked to Prom by a Fan

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It’s no shocker that there are hundreds of awkward promposals on YouTube. Some are to friends and some are to celebrities, including those that made a career for themselves on the video-sharing website. People like Cameron Dallas and Hayes Grier get asked to strangers’ school dances so often that it’s pretty much impossible for them to respond, let alone attend, all of them. But just because chances are low that a person’s fave will actually attend their prom, doesn’t stop them from popping the question!

Even though not all promposals get answers, there’s still the chance that your video will be the lucky one to garner a reaction, or, better yet, a +1! We scoured the depths of YouTube to bring you some of the most awkward promposals to your fave YT stars. While watching these made us cringe a little bit, we have to give the people credit for putting themselves out there!