Celeb Red Carpet “Oops” (And How They Handled It!)

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With so many cameras constantly flashing in the faces of our fave celebs, something is bound to go wrong on the red carpet. From reality stars having awkward wardrobe malfunctions to sexy studs playing it safe for everyone to see, these stars def make us feel better about tripping in the hallway. See how they embarrassed themselves — then totally recovered — on the RC!

Zac Efron had a super embarrassing moment at the premiere of The Lorax when he dropped a condom on the red carpet. Wonder who he was planning on hitting up the after party with?

How he handled it: Zac fessed up to the incident on The Today Show and made sure to spread the word of practicing safe sex. Nice save.

Zac Efron Drops Condom at The Lorax Premiere

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When Sarah Hyland’s zipper broke at the Golden Globes, she hurried and grabbed her vintage Dolce & Gabbana dress before the paparazzi could snap any embarrassing pics.

How she handled it: When asked about the wardrobe malfunction, she joked about eating too much McDonald’s before the event. Glad we’re not the only ones that love a juicy double cheeseburger every once in a while!

Sarah Hyland's Zipper Broke on Her Dress at the 2012 Golden Globes


Former Cheetah Girl Adrienne Bailon def made our worst dressed list when she wore her sheer-bottom dress (without underwear!) at Gotham Hall. When she was walking the red carpet, the ruffled piece of fabric that was covering her up blew over in the wind, and soon later, her wardrobe malfunction was all over the Internet. Yikes.

How she handled it: After the event, Adrienne was super upset, especially about what her parents would think, and made sure to tell the world that she wanted to be known for her talent, not her body. Riiiight.

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Madonna accidentally stepped on Jessica Biel dress at the Golden Globes, and luckily Jess reacted quickly enough to avoid having her gown ripped. Talk about awkward!

How they handled it: Jessica didn’t act mad at all and they both laughed it off and continued on with their night. No big.

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We’re totally in love with the gorg blue dress Pretty Little Liars’  star Ashley Benson wore to her Good Day L.A. gig, but right before she was about to appear on the show, the back of the dress ripped completely open.

How she handled it: As Ash’s fashion team used safety pins to close the back of the dress, she Tweeted, “Uh oh. Dress ripped. Ahhhh currently being safety pinned into my dress. Gotta love it.” She was def great at laughing it off!


We only have two things to say about these celeb mishaps. Be careful with what you’re putting in your pockets, and if you’re going to wear something see-through, wear underwear. Just sayin’.

Which red carpet malfunction was the most embarrassing? How would you play off these situations? Dish right here!

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