“What The Hell?” Avril Lavigne’s Got a New Single!

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It’s been ages since we’ve heard much from Avril Lavigne, but Brody Jenner‘s GF and the designer behind Abbey Dawn is going back where she belongs — music! The former skater-girl-turned-fashion-designer recently announced plans for a new album on her website and gave deets all about the CD’s upcoming launch.

So, what can fans expect?

For one, she’s been working on the album for a year, so we bet it’s gonna be good! Plus, Avril wrote:

“Not only is this the most meaningful and special record I have written, it is sincere, honest and close to my heart. But for the first time I experienced a bunch of bureaucratic BS. People do their best work when they are doing what they want, love and is natural for them, not when you are forcing them to be something that they are not.”

And we can’t wait to hear the new single, “What The Hell,” which Avril describes as a “fun and funny anthem.” Sounds very Avril to us.

Are you excited for new music from Avril? What’s your all-time favorite Avril song? Sound off below!